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If you need a questioned document examiner…

My office is here to assist you. I am Certified and Court Qualified, have fair pricing, have a fast turn-around time and I am attorney recommended.

I conduct examinations and have experience with many types of questioned documents including wills, trusts, deeds, notes, checks, contracts, prenuptial agreements, disguised writing, and anonymous letters and envelopes. I have even had graffiti cases. 

I have worked with attorneys and clients involved in business contract disputes, insurance fraud, embezzlement cases, questioned medical and dental files, employment cases, tenant/landlord lease agreement cases, family law questioned writing issues, probate cases, and even elder abuse cases.

I consult with and advise attorneys as well as provide testimony for hearings, arbitrations and depositions.

I examine cases where  the truth about a document is all the client wants to know to cases where the client knows they will have to go to trial. 

Please phone my office if you think I can be of service to you. During your free initial consultation my staff and I will be professional, efficient, and honest. I don’t waste your time.

Over 135 Testimonies in State and Federal Cases

My arbitration and courtroom testimony experience greatly benefits my clients. While not all cases go to trial, each case needs to be handled as if it will go to trial from the moment an expert is retained.

Trained, Experienced & Certified by IADE

Trained privately by an experienced document examiner, I keep up with training by attending continuing education classes and annual conferences as well as reading new material from other examiners.

Reasonable Fees and Turn-Around Time

My fees are amount the lowest in the industry, my credibility, knowledge, and customer service is among the highest. This combination allows every person the opportunity to hire a document examiner for a fair price, leaving no one without help.

Has a document been altered with the intent to defraud?

Are you a victim of forgery or identity theft?

Do you need an expert witness on a questioned document?

While the majority of my case examinations are questioning the validity of a signature, there are many other questions I answer for clients.

Is the signature an original?

Have two different inks been used to create a document?

Has the document been altered?

Has part of the document been obliterated/erased?

Was the signature traced on the document?

Is the signature a transferred signature aka cut-and-pasted?

If you have a question that falls outside the typical examination of documents, please ask me about it. If it is something my office does not handle, I will help with a referral. 

Do you think you need a forensic document examiner?

Would you like to just talk to an expert about your case?

Would you like a professional to answer your concerns?

The initial consultation is designed to check for conflicts, help you understand the documents required to complete an examination, if there are documents you need to gather, does an examination of the originals need to be scheduled, and the time frame for your particular case.

Because forming an “official opinion” sets the stage for how a case is handled by attorneys and clients I make it a policy to not visually review any documents to express a PREMILINARY opinion. A quick glance at your documents cannot and will not give the proper time, effort, and analysis your case deserves.  If you choose to email your documents to me as part of the Pre-Retainer Consultation understand I will not come to an “official opinion.” I may take the opportunity to confirm you may or may not have enough documents or the copy quality may or may not be sufficient to complete an analysis.

I understand most people have questions and I want to answer those for you.  You can discuss details relating to your case and discuss any unusual circumstances which might be important to disclose.  I am here for you, call my office today. 

I am here to help with your questioned document examination case

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